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[personal profile] prettyarbitrary has worked out an IFTTT recipe  to bridge the gap between platforms and   x-post from LJ to Tumblr here, using your LJ's RSS feed.  Because, PA is awesome.

This should work just as well with the RSS from a dreamwidth.

I wanted a version that only crossposted posts using certain keywords.  Using the RSS feed, IFTTT kept giving me "Recipe check failed" but when I changed the url to the atom feed (literally, replace "rss" with "atom" in the url) it worked fine.
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Passively aggressively posting about there being something that I'm not posting about gives me the strength of will to bite my tongue really jolly hard.  Because I know better than to publicly and directly disagree with BNFs.  Because, really, its just people being Wrong On The Internet.  Because I can just ignore it.   Because fandom is a surprisingly nice place for something made of people.  So ignore it.  Okay.  Okay.  
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 So, I posted my Drouk podfic and a person really liked it.  Which is AWESOME.

I'm worried about the audiofic archive though.  This fic is dark, and explicit, and omegaverse, which tends to make people cringe.  And the archive doesn't even have ratings, or warnings, much less summaries.  

So I have the feeling I'm going to get a bunch of people really really annoyed that they opened up a podfic and got scarred for life with the beatings and the bloodplay and the knotting and yeesh.  I'm such a no name fan that most of what I do gets no reaction at all.  I do not want to become known for the first time for being That Bitch Who Tricked Me into Listening to Omega Noncon.

Its not that I want to complain about the archive, because having any podfic archive, done out of the wonderfulness of people's hearts, is brilliant.  But, if a fic comes in with a summary attached, I wish that it could be included, so people can have warnings.

(okay, and yes, also so that I could browse the archive under an algorithm other than, "Do I know this fandom and already trust this reader to choose kinds of stories I like?")
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 It finally occurred to me that instead of just thinking, "Hey, why does it seem half of livejournal has moved to dreamwidth and I'm left behind," I could, y'know, get a dreamwidth account.   And it has more icons!  and will autocrosspost to LJ too !!  How long has this been going on?

Of course, I've been a bit overwhelmed already by all the social media options, so adding another may not actually be good for me.   Mostly on twitter I complain about my attempts to podfic, and on tumblr I heart things and occasionally repost if I have a comment, and I use other platforms in my other personae (i.e. Employable And Not At All A Porn Writer Girl).  

What I love about the journaling platforms is that they do comments properly, which for most things makes a lot more sense to me than reblogging.  

On the other hand, the heart/like/+1/kudos thing is faboo for me because so often I just want to express, "I read this and it was cool and interesting but I don't really have a contribution."  Once I start writing words that are for somebody else, I get worried about them, even if it's just one sentence, and I end up redrafting and redrafting and it's completely absurd and then I give up.  It's horrendously embarrassing the number of comments I have spent fifteen minutes writing and then never actually left.   

So, trying this.  See how it goes.


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