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podfic of Tamed, Wild, Caged, and Feral Creatures (AO3) cover

Once Upon a Time, Rumplestiltskin/Belle, E


Belle is there, in his house, a fortune un-earned.

Until his will crumbled, he would pretend to be what she thought he was, what she thought she wanted. He’d lay his mangy hide down at her feet and let her hands soothe him and pretend not to be rabid and broken.

MP3 download 87 min, 80 MB (mediafire)
at audiofic archive

I really hope someday AO3 gets things together to archive podfic.  I'm sure there are worries about people using it to share commercial files or something, but we really really need it.

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 So, I posted my Drouk podfic and a person really liked it.  Which is AWESOME.

I'm worried about the audiofic archive though.  This fic is dark, and explicit, and omegaverse, which tends to make people cringe.  And the archive doesn't even have ratings, or warnings, much less summaries.  

So I have the feeling I'm going to get a bunch of people really really annoyed that they opened up a podfic and got scarred for life with the beatings and the bloodplay and the knotting and yeesh.  I'm such a no name fan that most of what I do gets no reaction at all.  I do not want to become known for the first time for being That Bitch Who Tricked Me into Listening to Omega Noncon.

Its not that I want to complain about the archive, because having any podfic archive, done out of the wonderfulness of people's hearts, is brilliant.  But, if a fic comes in with a summary attached, I wish that it could be included, so people can have warnings.

(okay, and yes, also so that I could browse the archive under an algorithm other than, "Do I know this fandom and already trust this reader to choose kinds of stories I like?")
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Title: Drouk
Author: Alma Anor
Reader: [personal profile] merripestin 
Fandom: Sherlock
Pairing: Sherlock/John (also Jim/Sherlock, Jim/John)
Rating: E 
Warnings: Non-con, Dub-con, Torture, Omegaverse.  
Length: 2:01:00
Summary: While Sherlock and John are being held prisoner by Moriarty, John goes into heat. Jim chains them up just out of reach of each other and plays with John himself. 

Seriously, do not ignore the warnings.  I can't believe I did this.

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 Finally got through today's chapter of the long porny podfic I'm working on.  This is my third time through and finally I don't completely hate the result, so that's nice.  

The system that seems to be working now is to record a few minutes at a time, and then go back and edit that much before I go on.  Occasionally I'll re-dub a line of dialog, giving it a couple of different reads until I hit one that I'm happy with.  If I try to do the whole thing at once, I tend to skim through when I'm editing and even if I do bother to redub, it sounds off with the voice on either side.

The absolute best changes I've made are to turn the sensitivity on my mic WAY down, so that when the characters get emphatic it doesn't overblow the mic, and to read off a tablet instead of the screen which eliminates mouse/keyboard noises and the need to swap between Audacity and other programs.

Every time I hit record the first time, Audacity goes Not Responding and I get crap on the mic, but if I stop and hit record again, it works fine.  Possibly I need a better computer.

After the earlier reads, I decided that since it's nearly all in a tight 3rd Sherlock POV, it sounded odd for the narration to be in my US accent (and I kept losing the characters).  So now the narration is pretty midpondian, which sounds okay to me (but will probably make other people wince, I know) although on occasion I realize my voice seems to have slipped off to New Zealand without my say-so.  

To keep the voices distinct, Moriarty's tending to be a bit more Irish than canon, and Sherlock is as close as I can get to basso..

Two chapters to go . . . and then I'll have to convince myself that I actually want to post this thing.


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